Jun 18, 2011

Mr. Pi's Sushi (Metuchen, NJ)

For me, finding a good sushi place is a little bit intimidating. Because there's always a chance that you'll happen upon a BAD sushi place. And then you're kind of screwed. 
I don't like to take my chances on raw fish. 

But I'd heard some positive things about Mr. Pi's right on Central Ave in Metuchen.
They have an extensive menu, with a ton of rolls - including a huge section of more complex chef's special rolls.
To be honest, I have a relatively simple sushi palette, and also have a hard time rationalizing $14 on a single special roll (mainly because I'm usually hungry ten minutes after eating a meal).

That said, my favorites are the standard California roll and the Boston roll (I had them add avocado.... because I can never get enough avocado). I also have a bit of a fetish for the Bahamas roll - the combo of salmon and sweet, refreshing mango is fantastic.

They also make great veggie gyoza. These pan fried dumplings are delicious, don't fall apart, and the sauce is addictive. I actually prefer to dip my rolls in the gyoza sauce rather than straight soy sauce. (I've also asked Mr. Pi's to do steamed veggie gyoza and they happily acquiesced). 

I've only done take out here, and the service is always incredibly speedy and accommodating. The restaurant is small, but always crowded, regardless of the day of the week, and there are a few cool booth-like tables with a communal feel that you actually have to climb into. 
(I have a feeling I am totally not conveying what these tables actually look like so you'll have to check it out for yourself).

Love it here. Go.

{Photo:  Bahamas roll on top, Boston roll + avocado on bottom}

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