Jun 15, 2011

George Street Alehouse (New Brunswick, NJ)

Man, the photos just keep getting ghettoer, don't they?
The ghostly glow of that sandwich looks rather unappealing...but believe me! It was good!
Need to work on that. In the meantime, use your imagination!

The husband and I went to George Street Alehouse for one reason, and one reason only:  
Pulled. Pork
 I don't quite know why pulled pork is such an evasive and completely unavailable option in NJ, but that seems to be the case. There's a dearth of good BBQ. And sometimes a girl just needs some freaking pulled pork.

When George St. Alehouse opened and I perused the menu online I zeroed right in on that pulled pork. We tried going on Memorial Day to satisfy the mounting craving but, wouldn't you know, it was closed. I had made a point to check online and - yep, Monday, May 31 - open mic night, this, that. Open!
But no. A computer printout taped to the door that said closed.

We were QUITE displeased.

We tried again the following week and weren't disappointed.
The place itself is cute. Definitely more bar than restaurant, but with plenty of two-top tables around the perimeter and high cocktail-esque tables near the bar. Plenty of flatscreen TVs to satisfy the sports nuts. And clean. So clean!

And the menu? Freaking awesome.
Bar food with a twist.
The owner was previously the sous chef at Stage Left, so clearly the classier cuisine is still having an influence.

The pulled pork was good. Not South Carolina-good. But NJ-good.
Served with cheddar cheese and apple fennel slaw, it captured GS Alehouse's fancy pub vibe.
The one downfall was the brioche bun. Good in and of itself, but in my opinion much too sweet, and overpowered the savory BBQ flavors.

Would definitely go back.

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