Jun 3, 2011

Elements (Princeton, NJ)

Coworkers and I took a gloriously long lunch today to take advantage of Elements "You Pick 2" menu. The prix fix menu lets you pick two items from a short list of appetizers, entrees, desserts and wines.

The restaurant itself is lovely. From the outside it's almost remniscent of a recently-built municipal building, in an odd location right off of Route 206 in Princeton, but the interior is lovely. Very modern, carefully done. It was surprisingly empty the entire time we were there (noon until about 2pm), though I know it's hard to even get a reservation for dinner. Personally I always judge a restaurant by its bathrooms -- is there nothing worse than a beautiful restaurant with amazing food and a decrepit elementary-school bathroom? It can really break the mood. The bathroom was absolutely lovely. Two points for classy.

For my meal I chose the avocado & barley salad with apple, Griggstown chicken, walnut (though never tasted any), and raisin (normally $18). Absolutely delicious. Really light and refreshing with a beautiful presentation. Just the right balance of textures and tastes (I am normally not a huge fan of chicken, but this was tender and perfectly cooked - not the bland and rubbery grilled chicken that usually sits atop unsuspecting entree salads). I was expecting it to come on a bed of lettuce, but didn't even miss it. The addition of a few perfectly sweet orange slices was a welcome surprise. I'd definitely order it again.
For my second choice I got the bread pudding with creme anglaise and strawberry ice cream. The bread pudding was delicious - wonderfully moist and flavorful. I understood the intention of the fruity ice cream to balance the richness of the other flavors, but personally would have preferred plain vanilla. Probably could have done with about half as much - my skirt is really restricting my breathing now that I'm back in my cubicle.

The only downside was the very slow service. Everyone was perfectly nice, but we were left unattended a bit too much - no one ever checked to see how we were doing or if we needed anything else.

The lunch menu is a great deal, but don't bother if you have to hurry back to the office.

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