Jun 6, 2011

The Little Tuna (Haddonfield, NJ)

I was in South Jersey on Saturday - land of reesees peecees and I'm done my homework - visiting friends. We went into Haddonfield for lunch. Man is that town adorable. Very quaint and historic looking. One can almost forget she is in the uncharted waters of the southern half of the state.*

We ended up at The Little Tuna right on the main street and ate outside on the sidewalk. Super cute. The tables and chairs were slatted and wooden and kind of looked like they were going to collapse the moment we sat down but no worries - we all survived; the furniture was sturdier than it appeared.

In short, everything was delicious. Everything on the lunch menu looked amazing and was reasonably priced.
Alas, I have no photos because I was so busy shoving food into my mouth and delighting in the perfect temperature and stimulating conversation that I was too lazy to break out the (crappy) cell phone. Apologies.

I started with a cup of their famous lobster bisque soup. And oh yes. Ohhhh yes. It was mighty good. Creamy and not overly-salty... a sadly common occurrence in soup, especially seafood ones. Giant chunks of lobster - not the usual Where's Waldo-esque hunt for lobster remnants, but truly large hunks of lobster floating happily on my spoon. Awesome. Get it. A cup is very filling. I probably could have had that and a small salad and called it a day.

But no. That'd be no fun. So a friend and I decided to split two things. The Blackened Fried Group wrap was awesome - a tinge spicy, perfectly cooked fish, really tasty fries on the side. It comes with stoneground sauce (a mix of mayo and mustard) - but I got it on the side. The Garlic Charred Jumbo Shrimp salad was tasty - with a "limey Caesar dressing" - but I found the shrimp to be a bit too salty/garlicky for my liking.

The service was fast, outdoor ambiance was lovely, and very reasonably priced. A perfect Saturday lunch.

*Just kidding! But really - South Jersey is kind of a different beast....

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