Jun 13, 2011

Belmar Seafood Festival (Belmar, NJ)

This past weekend was the Belmar Seafood festival. The forecast said rain and t-storms all day, but happily the sun triumphed, making for a breezy, sunny, beautiful day to battle the hungry crowds and stuff yourself full of seafood.  The festival showcased food from over 50 vendors - with everything from whole lobsters to fried oreos to alligator bites. Tables were set up around Lake Como...a band jammed in the gazebo...and a fenced in Drinks Tent fenced in the booze-drinkers from the rest of the child-dominated crowd.
I got a mango madness smoothie. Pretty good, refreshing on a warm day... not quite worth $5.50, but hey, you're paying for the experience.
But the crab cake slider I got from Mud City Crab Cake Co.? Oh sweet mama.
These crab cakes are baked and grilled, not fried. So, no breading. No oily mess. No heartburn.
No. This is straight up hunks of crab.
Served on a perfect little roll (no wonder bread slackers here), with bacon, avocado, and jalapeno tartar sauce. Hell yes.
A friend tried the coconut shrimp - also incredible, with a sweet thai dipping sauce.
You can bet your booty I will be visiting the Mud City establishment at some point this summer.
Then, since I was completely unable to overcome my craving, I succombed to the fried Oreos.
Oh how I wish I had only eaten one.... even two....
Words of wisdom: 3 fried Oreos equals too many fried Oreos.
Is there nothing better than munching on fresh seafood and then wandering the boardwalk and looking out at this?
I think not.

*Apologies for the sad-ass cell phone photos. If I had remembered to bring a real camera, or if Verizon let me upgrade my old-school decrepit phone for a smartphone, they would be a wee bit less awful.

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