Jul 11, 2011

Strollo's (Belmar, NJ)

For me, a day at the beach is not complete unless it's capped off with Strollo's italian ice. Located on the corner of Main Street and 5th Ave right in downtown Belmar, it's one of those completely unassuming, bare bones, we-aren't-concerned-with-fuss-just-making-excellent-stuff places.
Their italian ice is super smooth - almost the texture of soft serve ice cream - just a smidge icier.
You can pick up to 4 flavors. Which is lucky because lordy they are all so freaking good. It's impossible to pick.

I always get pretty much the same thing:
Mango - tastes just like the real deal. Seriously good.
Chocolate - pretty much tastes like ice cream, but more refreshing.
Lemon - the tartest, most perfect post-beach lemon ever.
Red raspberry - a bit sweeter to complement the rest.

Jared also swears by the root beer. No, really. Last time we were there he got just root beer. And then got a 2nd cup of it for the ride home. He doesn't mess around.

In short. If you are at the Jersey shore, sun burnt and crispy and happy after a day at the beach... you will be even happier if you proceed directly to Strollo's.

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